GE Jenbacher Cogeneration Power Plants

SINAPSE company is one of the leaders in the field of the cogeneration equipment delivery on the local market. We are ready to offer you the complex solutions on the delivery of the cogeneration power plants, own CHP plants on the basis of the GE Jenbacher gas engines with the rated electrical capacity from 300kW up to 10 000 kW.

The base structure of the GE Jenbacher package CHP plants includes the aggregate, consisting of the engine and generator and also heat exchangers for the waste heat recovery. The application of the wide range of the heat sources – engine coolant, gas air fuel mixture and exhaust gases – can be individually configured for the effective satisfaction of each separate consumer’s needs. So, the heat generation in the form of hot water with the flexible temperature schedule or in the form of wet steam with the necessary parameters is possible. The excess heat can be used for the cold generation with the water temperature up to -20 °C. And also СО2 generation is possible without any additional costs.

The application of the cogeneration technologies is very wide. Nowadays, such kind of units can operate at different sites: in boiler houses, at coal mines, in greenhouses, etc.

GE Jenbacher engines, characterized by high flexibility, operate successfully on the natural gas as well as on the propane-butane mix, landfill gas, sewage gas; associated gas, coke gas, coal mine gas, biogas, processing gases of the chemical industry and other kinds of gases, containing methane (СН4), carbon oxide (СО), hydrogen (Н2). The constant improvement of the GE Jenbacher engines and specializing in the application of the special gases provide the possibility of utilization of gases with different calorific values and different fuel components content.

The main advantage of the cogeneration technology is effective fuel utilization. For the cogeneration units where together with the electrical power generation the heat recovery is realized, the combustion efficiency can reach 90%. More whole utilization of the primary energy in the cogeneration plants is the main factor, referring the cogeneration to the prospective processing directions in the energetics, complying with the demands of the strategic aim of the resource saving.

Everywhere, where the electrical or thermal power is needed and gas is available, such kind of CHP plants can provide the constant and reliable supply of electrical and thermal power.

GE Jenbacher gas engines are the advanced technologies, highly complying with the strictest demands of the global standards. As a part of the energy complex of Ukraine, they operate since 2003 and the installed output is more than 100MW (el.).