Service Maintenance (Low Voltage)

Service Maintenance by Sinapse company:

The Idea of Sinapse’s Service Maintenance

Diesel Gensets, UPS

Types of Service Maintenance

Service Maintenance Terms and Conditions

Cooperation procedures and alarm messages handling

The Necessity of Service Maintenance

The repair of the converter equipment devices:

Nowadays different enterprises use the equipment containing the converter equipment devices, the warranty maintenance period of which has expired. These devices were in operation for more than 2,5 years, but still can be operated in the future, in case of their service maintenance and repair. The repair and service maintenance of the equipment by the operating companies’ efforts is almost impossible, as there are no electric schematic diagrams and necessary repair documentation. The repair with the assistance of the producers is not cost effective, as, as a rule, the repair cost is close to the cost of the new equipment and the repair can take some months. It is clear, that the operating companies become dependent on the producers of the equipment and they have to throw out the failed units and to buy new ones, bearing unjustified losses.

So, it becomes necessary to prolong the lifetime of the equipment under the conditions when there is no repair documentation from the producer. At this, the repair cost should be considerably lower than the cost of the new equipment.

The service center of PS&IC Sinapse within 20 years executes repair and service maintenance of the warranted power supply systems containing UPS with power range of 1 till hundreds kVA. The repair is realized by the certified specialists in the specially equipped laboratories. The accumulated experience allows doing also the repair of other equipment, containing the converter devices. Such devices are as following:

     power supply sources;
     frequency electric drives;
     inverter electric drive;
     inverter converters;
     inverter furnace;
     inverter welding plants;
     inverter plasma cutting units;
     power supply sources of xenon lamps;
     power supply sources of laser units;
     inverter current power supply;
     inverter charging devices;
     base station power supply sources;
     inverter conditioners.

The list of units, parts and components of the warranted power supply, where the repairing should be done:

Types of units, parts and components produced by «Cherokee International»
Rectifier module CAR1848
Control and monitoring module SCPE-02
Cassette ACE1548RTC48N
Controller SCU1548C6
Contactor MZJ 48B 100A
Contactor MZJ 48B 300A
Types of units, parts and components produced by «DELTA»
MCS 1800 М
MCS 6000 М
Control and monitoring module ESR-48/30D
Control and monitoring module ESR-48/10B
Rectifier module ESR-48/30C, ESR-48/40A
Control and monitoring module CU-16D M
Control and monitoring module CU-10A B
Control and monitoring module CU-10A A
Control and monitoring module CU-08D-G
Control and monitoring module CU-08D-С
Switch board 220V – 380 V SB-13G/CF-17
Contactor LVDS
Types of units, parts and components produced by «PowerOne»
Alarm board ВМ0384
Alarm board ВМ0398
Rack ВМ0401
Alarm board ВМ0607 (Alarm interface unit)
Control and monitoring module PCU10.48
Control and monitoring module GMC
Rectifier module FMP 32.48
Rectifier module PMP 13.48
Rectifier module СМР 3.48
Types of units, parts and components produced by «Carbon»
Rectifier module connection board WATTBP
Bus contactor SW 250A-1004
Power measuring devices (bridge resistance/ Hall sensor)
Motherboard COBOMO
Control and monitoring module PSC 1000
Control and monitoring module Flatpack MCU
Control and monitoring module МК-1
Process execution and measuring module LVD/SHUNT
Auxiliary power supply DC-DC
Fan shelf CVR-58
Rectifier module Flatpack 1500
Rectifier module FR48V-1200W
Rectifier module FR48V-2000W-E
Rectifier module ВМ 48-1200
Rectifier module ВМ 48-1500
Rectifier module ВМ 48-2000
Types of units, parts and components produced by «Benning»
Rectifier module E230G48/15 Bwru-PDT
Rectifier module E230G48/25(30) Bwru-PDT
Rectifier module E230G48/33(40) Bwru-PDT
Rectifier module Slimline 1500 E100-240G48/30(33)BWru-PDT
Control and monitoring module MCU 1000
Control and monitoring module MCU 2500
Alarm relay board
Control unit GUW 104/105
Protection contactor (non-firm bus) 100 A
Protection contactor 300 A