Diesel Gensets, UPS

The service center of Sinapse executes the installation, start-up and adjustment, warranty and after-warranty maintenance, repair and technical support of the following equipment:

Diesel power plants, power range is 5kVA till 2500kVA of the following producers:

    Cymasa (Spain):

    Broadcrown (Great Britain):
        Cummins BCC 630-2250 kVA;
        Mitsubishi (Midi) 9.7-30 kVA;
        Mitsubishi 1225-2090 kVA;
        Deutz BCD 315-550 kVA;
        John Deere BCJD 16-275 kVA;
        Perkins BCP 600-2250 kVA;
        Volvo BCV 275-635 kVA.

    Himoinsa (Spain), power range is 5 to 2000 kVA:
        Tor (Iveco engine) 30-440 kVA;
        Kronos (Hatz engine) 5-24 kVA;
        Zeus (Scania engine) 250-550 kVA;
        Helios (Perkins engine) 8.5-2000 kVA;
        Yanmar (Yanmar engine) 8-45 kVA;
        Hermes (Lombardini engine) 6-32 kVA.

    F.G.Wilson (Great Britain).

Uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS), power range is 350VA to 500kVA of the following producers and trademarks:

    Newave (Switzerland):
        Powervalue 7.5-40 kVA;
        Conceptpower Midi 40-80 kVA;
        Conceptpower Maxi 80-250 kVA;
        Conceptpower Slim 10-40 kVA;
        Conceptpower Classic 10-40 kVA;
        Conceptpower Gemini 2х10-2х30 kVA;
        Conceptpower Upgrade 3х10-3х40 kVA;
        Conceptpower Upgrade 3х80-3х120 kVA;
        Conceptpower DPA 10-250 kVA;
        Ecowave and others.

    Eaton Powerware (USA, Finland):
        Powerware Plus 6-36 kVA;
        Powerware Prestige 600-6000 VA;
        Powerware 9110;
        Powerware 9120;
        Powerware 9125;
        Powerware 9155;
        Powerware 9170;
        Powerware 9305(PW Prime) 7.5-80 kVA;
        Powerware 9315(PW Plus) 30-650 kVA;
        Powerware 9340 80-130 kVA and others.

    Sinapse trademark:
        Sinapse 5101-VT800;
        Sinapse 5101-VT1000;
        Sinapse 5101-VT525;
        Sinapse 5101-VT625;
        Sinapse 5102-JP1000;
        Sinapse 5102-JP2000;
        Sinapse 5102-JP3000;
        Sinapse 5102-JP1500-X;
        Sinapse 5103-VT525UL;
        Sinapse 5103-VT625UL;
        Sinapse 5104-T600;
        Sinapse 5104-T800;
        Sinapse 5105-VS550;
        Sinapse 9101-MS1000;
        Sinapse 9101-MS2000;
        Sinapse 9101-MS3000;
        Sinapse 9101-MS1000RT;
        Sinapse 9101-MS2000RT;
        Sinapse 9101-MS3000RT;
        Sinapse 9101-MSRT Pro 1000;
        Sinapse 9101-MSRT Pro 2000;
        Sinapse 9101-MSRT Pro 3000;
        Sinapse 9102-HS6K;
        Sinapse 9102-HS10K;
        Sinapse 9103-MSII6000;
        Sinapse 9103-MSII6KRT;
        Sinapse 9103-MSII10K.