Types of Service Maintenance

Types of Service Maintenance

All works executed by the service center can be divided into following groups:

    1. Equipment commissioning and start-up:
        equipment installation;
        start-up and adjustment of the equipment;
        individual and complex testing.
    2. Preventive maintenance, the aim of which is to keep the Customer’s equipment in operating status and to reduce the equipment failure probability.
    3. Unscheduled repair works, the aim of which is problem solving, which can happen during the Customer’s equipment operation, including the equipment repair with the replacement of the failed components.
    4. Scheduled repair works, including the equipment updating and realization of the producer advices according to the service bulletins.

Preventive Maintenance

It is done 1, 2 or 4 times a year, depending on the equipment type, demands to its reliability and Customer preferences. It includes:
     Inspection of operation procedures and equipment running accuracy.
     Inspection of equipment functioning and all its systems.
     Inspection of equipment parameters and, if necessary, additional parameters adjustment.
     Replacement of components and materials, which should be changed (coolant, oil, electrolyte, batteries, filters, etc.).
     Instructing and training of the Customer’s field personnel.

Unscheduled repair works

This kind of works is done as soon as there are service requests from the Customer. It includes:
     Consultation of the Customer’s personnel as for the problems solving, occurred during the equipment operation (via telephone, fax, e-mail or other communication devices) – “hot line”.
     Visit of specialists to the Customer’s site to solve the problems.
     Equipment troubleshooting and repair with repair or replacement of the failed components.

Scheduled repair works

This kind of works is done according to the repair plan, agreed with the Customer, equipment upgrade or reconstruction contract and also according to the service bulletins from the equipment producers. It includes:
     Scheduled repair works, caused by the operating life time, quantity of the operating hours.
     Upgrade and reconstruction of the equipment by Customer request.
     Further equipment development in accordance with the service bulletins of the equipment producers.