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Fedorov Savely Dmitrievich

Founder of the SINAPSE holding, Honored Power Engineer of Ukraine

About company

Sinapse Project Management (SPM) is one of the companies of the Sinapse holding, which is focused on the development of cogeneration technologies in Ukraine, in partnership with the most technologically advanced and rapidly developing company in the world, a manufacturer of cogeneration equipment – 2G Energy (Germany)

The main goal of the company is to achieve and exceed the previously achieved results in the Ukrainian cogeneration market,

but with other, more efficient equipment, using all the accumulated many years of experience in the technological business market of Ukraine.
A feature of our position in the development of cogeneration technology is the use of all available types of combustible gas to generate electricity and heat, meeting the needs of production and public utilities.

The experience gained by the Sinapse holding allows us to introduce and develop advanced technologies for the disposal of organic waste through gasification, including using our developments and patent solutions, with the subsequent use of this gas in harmony with the cogeneration technologies of 2G Energy.
Together with investors, we plan to launch the construction of many unified energy centers throughout Ukraine, and in the future in other countries, and reach a new level of business.

Serial groups of equipment modules from 2G


Profitable compact class

Natural gas



Pure performer

Natural gas


My2G control and monitoring system

The My2G client platform allows remote access and monitoring of 2G CHP units anywhere in the world.

My2G is an automated data management system, it contains all the documentation for the GPU, information about the monthly consumption of gas and electricity, it is possible to track technical and administrative processes, receive reports on the operation of the installation, set the system start/stop timer and much more.


Advantages of equipment from 2G


Reduce your energy costs, choose the type of station and the fuel used, we will help you implement the Power Plant Project, and you can focus on solving your business problems

Fast payback

Get an asset that will increase the total cost of the project and generate income in a couple of years


Forget about problems with power outages - our systems provide uninterrupted power

Environmental friendliness

2G offers the highest environmental standards and a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions


More than 7500 completed projects worldwide


Become your own energy supplier and take back control of your costs

Gasification technology

Gasification of solid organic raw materials, including biomass, RDF and other waste.
The new investment project of the Sinapse holding provides for the creation of a centralized network of Energy Centers operating on the basis of the unique high-performance GAZCOM biomass processing technology through its gasification, followed by the production of green energy, heat and, if necessary, activated carbon, food carbon dioxide and other demanded products. Almost any organic waste can be used as raw material in these plants.

This technology will ensure the replacement of natural gas, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create new jobs, and increase tax revenues to the state budget. Having accumulated considerable experience, the Sinapse holding aims to move to a new level of business, which includes not only engineering design and construction of complex energy facilities, but also their subsequent management.


Examples of our work

Mine methane, sh. Pokrovskaya

18.0 MWel. and 17.5 MWth.

Mine methane, sh. Zasyadko

36.4 MWel. and 35.1 MWth.

Landfill gas, solid waste landfill,

Kyiv oblast. 2.1 MWel.

Biogas from chicken manure, Buchach

1.1 MWel. and 1.2 MWth.

Natural gas, PepsiCo (Sandora TM)

2.8 MWel. and 3.0 MWth.

Biogas from agricultural waste, Rakitnoe

2.4 MWel. and 2.4 MWth.

Why you should contact us

Environmental friendliness

2G offers the highest environmental standards and a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions


We are the official representatives of the international company 2G Energy


More than 1000 completed objects throughout Ukraine

Full range of services

Design, construction and service of facilities using 2G equipment, or in general turnkey engineering of facilities

Application for a business report

Select the type of Power Plant

Cogeneration plant – a cogeneration plant operating on one of the proposed types of gas, producing electricity and heat;
Gasification of organics – according to the “GAZCOM” technology, on one of the proposed types of solid organic raw materials, with the production of generator gas;
Energy Center – Gasification of selected solid organic raw materials with subsequent production, from the resulting generator gas in the Cogeneration station of electricity and heat