Products from 2G

Achieve your energy goals with the latest cogeneration technology

From 60 kW – 2500 kW

As a technological leader in our sector, we can always offer a solution that meets your requirements. Our reliable, powerful and future-proof combined heat and power systems are used all over the world, and our in-house R&D team is constantly working to improve them. See for yourself


Profitable compact class

Natural gas



Pure performer

Natural gas

Advantages of equipment from 2G


Reduce your energy costs, choose the type of station and the fuel used, we will help you implement the Power Plant Project, and you can focus on solving your business problems

Fast payback

Get an asset that will increase the total cost of the project and generate income in a couple of years


Forget about problems with power outages - our systems provide uninterrupted power

Environmental friendliness

2G offers the highest environmental standards and a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions


More than 7500 completed projects worldwide


Become your own energy supplier and take back control of your costs