Sinapse Project Management (SPM)

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Sinapse Project Management (SPM) is the official representative in Ukraine of the world famous, most technologically advanced and rapidly developing company, manufacturer of cogeneration equipment – 2G Energy (Germany).

Fedorov Savely Dmitrievich

SPM General Director, Honored Power Engineer of Ukraine

The legendary reliability of 2G Energy equipment is due to the use of high-tech cogeneration modules, including those of its own design, and the high saturation of high-performance control equipment in the structure of its manufactured products, including the use of My2G technology, which provides continuous monitoring of the operating status of almost the entire fleet of manufactured equipment around the world.

My2G technology provides accounting, organizational and technological resources, continuous operation of controlled cogeneration modules, including through “On-Line” remote monitoring of the fleet of operating 2G equipment. Thanks to the use of this technology, based on the statistics of its work, more than 90% of autostarts are carried out after remote elimination of the causes of emergency stops of cogeneration equipment, without participation, but with notification of local service personnel.

Areas of activity

Supply of cogeneration equipment to 2G Energy

Production of works, supply of additional equipment

Construction engineering of gas-fired cogeneration power plants

Service maintenance