Other fuel gases

Operation of 2G Energy cogeneration equipment on other combustible gases

The previous subsections of this section list the types of cogeneration equipment manufactured by 2G Energy and their technical characteristics of operation on the most common types of gas that have a stable composition of combustible components, namely: natural gas, propane, biogas and hydrogen.

In the case of using other gases, with other constituent components, it is required to select the types of modules capable of operating on the proposed gas composition, and to determine their technical characteristics when operating on this gas.

During the period of our company’s work in the cogeneration market, we had to study the possibility and use equipment for working on the following less common types of gases: landfill gas, coal mine methane, associated petroleum gas, pyrolysis, generator, as well as coke oven, ferroalloy and blast furnace gases. These gases are not stable, their composition depends on the place of origin and production technology, moreover, their components may change within certain limits during its use.

In an effort to satisfy all the needs of our customers, we are ready to provide services and solutions that ensure the most objective study of potential projects with these gases, as well as ensure the most efficient operation of such facilities, with our participation in their implementation.

After the client provides the full composition of the potential gas for the operation of the proposed cogeneration plant, we, together with our partner 2G Energy, will select the necessary cogeneration equipment and determine all their technical characteristics when working on this gas. At the request of the Customer, after filling out the questionnaire, we will provide a detailed business plan for the proposed facility for a ten-year period of operation, and, if necessary, we will take part in the implementation of this facility on contractual terms.

The list of projects completed by the Directorate of Integrated Design, the Directorate of Cogeneration Equipment, as well as the Directorate for the Production of Works of PRPE “SINAPSE” is given in the “Reference Lists” section.