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The My2G technology ensures continuous operation of controlled cogeneration modules by means of “On-Line” remote monitoring and automatic adjustment of characteristics.

The IT department is an integral part of the overall 2G solutions and products, which means that 2G is not only a leader in gas engine cogeneration system hardware, but also in the overall system integration, as well as a digital solution that provides its customers with tools developed by 2G in recent years. It includes AI-based predictive maintenance.

A tool called IRIS augmented reality support for troubleshooting and maintenance. In addition, it also includes remote commissioning support for a browser-based online platform called for easy customer access to project documentation, a spare parts catalog, including an online shop that makes it easy to order spare parts. These solutions are constantly being improved and optimized in such a way that 2G ultimately delivers higher overall system performance.

The factory director

Always keep an eye on your 2G system pool: live performance data, key parameters such as hours of operation, outputs, temperatures and status reports allow you to get a quick overview

Project documentation

In the Project Documents section, you can view and download all records and documents that have been created during the lifetime of the system with just a few clicks.


Relevant technical specifications, interface drawings, declarations of conformity, P&I diagrams or technical manuals for systems can be purposefully accessed online using this tool


The 2G online parts store is very convenient to use. In it, customers and partners can create custom order templates for recurring orders, in addition to viewing their order histories

Raw data connector

The RDC tool allows you to integrate key system parameters into your own control center. In the case of 2G systems, this measure does not require the installation of additional equipment

Spare parts catalog

The parts catalog contains current exploded views of 2G systems and product images of various individual components. Thanks to the interactive search function, the correct identification of spare parts is guaranteed.

Claims manager

This tool serves as a platform for communication between 2G and a certified partner. The aim is to make the settlement of warranty claims as simple and transparent as possible.


With the help of the CRM tool, qualified potential customers (leads) can be assigned to partners. The advantage lies in the strategic tracking of leads in direct collaboration with the manufacturer, namely 2G, and partners.


Current sales promotion presentations and other helpful documents for distribution are available in the Marketing section of