History and achievements of 2G

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1995 г.

Foundation of the company

Christian Grotholt and Ludger Gausling founded 2G Energietechnik GmbH in Heke. The name "2G" comes from the first letter of the surnames of two Founders: Ludger Gausling and Christian Grotholt. Initially 2G was a small company that supplied its installations mainly to consumers engaged in agriculture.
2G cogeneration stations allowed significant savings energy costs, as well as provided a backup source energy.
The first office of the company was located in the central part of the settlement Heek, "Am Markt 7", on the site of a former forge (later a workshop car repair).

2000 г.

Renewable Energy Law

The Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG) came into effect in 2000 and has been good for business. It guarantees producers of electricity from renewable sources, including biogas, fixed preferential rates. The share of renewables in electricity generation is expected to increase to 40–45% by 2025.

2002 г.


Since the entry into force of the EEG 2000, 2G has produced a large number of CHP plants equipped with biogas plants. The rooms in the central part of Heek have become too small, so 2G is moving in the industrial area of the village of Heek, Benzstraße 10.

2004 г.

Japan's first 2G CHP plant

The first 2G installations were exported to the neighboring Netherlands at the start of the new millennium. In 2004, a delivery to distant Japan followed - an important step in the history of the company.

2007 г.


2G became the first company on the stock market to supply integrated high-efficiency technologies for combined heat and power: 2G Bio-Energietechnik AG.

2009 г.

Innovation, natural gas, new buildings, international expansion

Among the first 2Gs on the German market, a performance-optimized combined heat and power plant (CHP) with an electrical output of 220 kW for biogas operation was introduced.
Thanks to the thermodynamic optimization of the motor, the electric CHP efficiency increased by 2.2% to 40.6%.
Gas-fired 2G CHP power plants are used to generate electricity and heat in residential areas, industrial plants / commerce, hospitals and schools, and other government institutions. 2G is building two production halls of 1500 m² each and a modern administration building of 1000 m². The plot of 16,500 m² provides an opportunity for further extensions.
2G enters the US market and acquires a stake in the distribution company CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc., which is then renamed 2G CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc.
AEM GmbH becomes 2G Home GmbH.

2010 г.

Research and development, international expansion

The establishment of the research company 2G Drives GmbH in Heeck allowed 2G to carry out continuous research and development in the field of gas engines and optimization of peripherals.

2012 г.

US production

2G opens a US manufacturing facility called 2G Manufacturing Inc. This allowed us to ideally prepare for the huge market potential in the US. The company began developing its own 20 kW unit, which has been distributed by 2G Home since the end of the year. 2G Home has concentrated on the production of units from 20 kW to 50 kW.

2013 г.

Commissioning of CHP 4 MW, certified DIN EN ISO 9001

In just five months, 2G rebuilds the complete heating system to supply heat to STEAG New Energies in Essen, Rüttenscheid. In addition to the CHP plant with an electrical output of 4 MW, a new three-level building with a total area of 180 m² was built as part of the 2G project and the plant was successfully commissioned in December.
In December the Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 was obtained.
Another 3000 m² production hall was built

2014 г.

Market expansion

In order to expand its market presence in the 20 kW segment and maximize the company's great potential, 2G significantly expands the sales department of 2G Home, enters into a strategic partnership with heating engineers.
The goal is to significantly increase the sales of g-boxes (from 20 to 50 kW).
As one of the leading manufacturers of CHP plants, 2G receives certificates of conformity to the Medium Voltage Directive of the Federal Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Energy and Water (BDEW) at the Hannover Fair.
The market share of gas-fired CHP plants with the most demanded capacity range in Germany is now almost 40%. 2G has consolidated its position in the German energy arena, entered into framework agreements with major energy suppliers and installed power plants at Merck, Krombacher, BASF and Osram.

2017 г.

Aura series presentation

The 2G aura is based on the successful 4-series engine concept and has excellent efficiency characteristics. Equipped with 2G-developed Lambda 1 technology and a low-charged turbocharger, Aura features extremely low exhaust emissions and complies with growing worldwide nitrogen oxide emission control requirements.

2018 г.

Successful launch of the g-box 50 plus

The successor to the successful g-box 50, thanks to its many advantages over its predecessor, is successfully entering the market.

2019 г.

2G Energy Award - Collaboration with Rolls Royce and Viessmann

At the prestigious Handelsblatt Energy Awards 2018/2019, 2G Energy AG was selected as the winner in the Industry category for the best innovative energy transition project. 2G Energy AG enters into contracts for the supply of 2G CHP units with Viessmann and Rolls Royce / MTU.