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Five Clear Principles

In twenty years, 2G has grown into a leading international manufacturer and supplier of combined heat and power (CHP) plants. And we are constantly growing. In the context of our international orientation and our decentralized organizational structure, it is important that none of our employees lose sight of the spirit of 2G. So we have summarized what we do in our mission statement:

Our drive

We are actively shaping our future with powerful and resource-efficient decentralized energy solutions.

Our highly efficient combined heat and power or cooling power plants and our services are valued worldwide and set industry standards. We create sustainable economic benefits for our customers and shareholders and work actively to improve the environment and shape a brighter future. The successful growth and positive image of our group of companies is our joint success in close and trusting cooperation with our customers. This success is based on four principles that we breathe life into every day with great passion: innovation, reliability, efficiency and transparency.


Our innovative spirit and strength are the driving force behind our development. They motivate us as a company and each of us as individuals.

Sustainable growth is only possible through new ideas. That’s why we’ve built a culture of innovation into our company from the beginning, where we challenge existing solutions, where we can always improve on good solutions, and where ideas and suggestions from each of us are welcome. Based on ideas, we develop innovative and marketable products and services that further strengthen our market leadership. We always keep in mind the goal of creating outstanding benefits for our customers and, in particular, constantly improving the technical and economic efficiency of our systems and services.


We say what we think and do what we say. Reliable and responsible actions are the basis for long-term customer relationships.

For us, responsible behavior is a given that business partners, employees and shareholders alike can rely on. Genuine openness, appreciation, fairness and reliability characterize the spirit of 2G and strengthen cohesion. Reliability is also at the center of our technical solutions. This is mainly expressed in exemplary operational readiness and excellent service.


It is important to use the resources we have economically. This consciousness determines how we act.

For us, efficiency means economic and operational efficiency. In this regard, it is necessary to constantly optimize both our technical solutions and internal processes. On the technology side, we want to continue to provide our customers with the best operational efficiency, longest service life and high availability to ensure low maintenance costs. In this way, we reduce fuel consumption and prevent CO2 emissions. This allows us to make an active and valuable contribution to climate protection. The efficiency of our processes and the efficient use of our workforce and know-how also contribute to the growing success of our group of companies.


Complete transparency establishes trust and security. This makes us a valuable partner.

In our cooperation and with our customers, as well as with our colleagues in the 2G team, we are based on clear and transparent structures and clear solutions. In technology, an innovative monitoring system guarantees complete documentation of all operating parameters in all our plants worldwide. On the one hand, this guarantees the high availability of 2G power plants, and on the other hand, it creates the basis for further technical and economic optimization of power plants.