Orders and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

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Orders and regulations

DISSEMINATION About the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2030

Document 1803-2021-r, valid, current version – Adoption dated 12/29/2021


DISSEMINATION On approval of the Energy Security Strategy

Document 907-2021-r, valid, current version – Adoption dated 08/04/2021


DISSEMINATION On the approval of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the period up to 2035 "Security, Energy Efficiency, Competitiveness"

Document 605-2017-r, current, current version – Adoption dated 08/18/2017


DISSEMINATION On approval of the National Waste Management Plan until 2030

Document 117-2019-r, current, current edition – Edition dated 09/17/2020, basis – 826-2020-p


REGULATION On the implementation of a pilot project to provide an electronic conclusion on whether Green List wastes that are exported or imported are subject to paragraphs 6-33 of the Regulation on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Recovery/Disposal

Document 9-2022-p, valid, current version – Adopted on 01/12/2022


DECISION On approval of the procedure for providing temporary support to producers engaged in combined production of electric and thermal energy at thermal power plants

Document 324-2018-p, current, current version – Edition dated 08/18/2020, basis – 718-2020-p


RESOLUTION On approval of the criteria in assessing the admissibility of state aid to business entities for the protection of the environment

Document 1060-2021-p, valid, current version – Adoption dated 10/11/2021


On the approval of the Concept of the State Target Program for the Fair Transformation of the Coal Regions of Ukraine for the period up to 2030

Document 1024-2021-p, valid, current version – Adoption dated 09/22/2021


On attracting loan funds from the European Investment Bank for the implementation of the project "Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings in Ukraine"

Document 1171-2020-r, valid, current version – Adoption dated 09/23/2020