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About 2G Energy AG

2G Energy AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of combined heat and power plants (CHP) for decentralized power and heat production based on gas engines powered by landfill gas, hydrogen and other special gases. The portfolio includes CHP systems with electrical outputs from 20 to 4500 kW. The client base ranges from agriculture to municipalities, residential construction, commercial enterprises, medium and large industry to the energy sector.

In addition to its headquarters in Heck, in the Münsterland region of Germany, with development and production, 2G also has another manufacturing site in the USA. 2G is also present in several European countries through its own subsidiaries. Since its founding in 1995, 2G has put more than 7,500 factories into operation around the world.


The pursuit of excellence




Energy saving solutions for industry

In sectors such as the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, the potential for energy savings through the use of combined heat and power is particularly high. This area requires increasingly complex integrated solutions for the efficient supply of electricity, process heat, cooling and steam. Overall efficiency levels of 87 percent and above are not uncommon in these sectors. Experienced 2G engineers with large motor skills will take over full project management upon request and provide professional support for peripheral component development and integration into existing infrastructure. Companies such as Merck, Nordgetreide, albi, Kraft Foods and an organic dairy

2G Services in the Age of Industry 4.0

The economics of a CHPP is determined not only by the level of efficiency, but also to a large extent by service maintenance. It’s not just about maintenance work like changing the oil and servicing spark plugs. Modern communication technologies and innovative analysis software now allow critical operating parameters to be monitored at an early stage and provide the plant operator with recommended actions to be able to proactively avoid damage and failures. If on-site service is required, highly trained service technicians will provide fast and reliable assistance. Only 140 service vehicles are available from the extensive service network.