Power generation only, also in “Standby” mode

NEW! To power your consumers

Presenting the answer to your needs for customers who have requested emergency backup power that does not require heat. 2G now has a range of motors from 285kW to 1000kW and up to 1250kW for peak loads

Only power generation

285 - 1000 kW

A variety of system approaches allows you to provide you with the production of high-quality electricity without heat at your facility, while having maximum opportunities for savings. These systems are available for all sectors including manufacturing, remote areas, data centers, greenhouses, etc. 2G now has a range of motors ranging from 285kW to 1000kW. And in the “Standby” mode, options are available from 700 kW to 1250 kW.

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Natural gas

Continuous work Electrical outlet Electrical efficiency
avus 500 plus 550 kW 40.6 %
avus 1000 plus 1 000 kW 42.3 %
partuus 285 285 kW 37.0 %
agenitor 408550 kW 360 kW 40.9 %


Peak (maximum 300 hours per year)
avus 500 plus 700 kW 40.2 %
avus 1000 plus 1 250 kW 41.4 %