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Company history until 2006

The history of the creation of the SINAPSE company goes back to the Soviet past, to the end of the eighties, when all kinds of cooperatives and small businesses only began to appear.

The research and production enterprise “SINAPSE” was founded in October 1990 by Saveliy Dmitrievich Fedorov, a lecturer at the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute.

Over the thirty years of work on the Ukrainian market, the company has gone through a huge number of difficulties, having successfully implemented about a thousand energy facilities, which allowed the company SINAPSE to take place, to earn recognition, both in Ukraine and among the most respected companies abroad.

Here are the main milestones of the company's development until 2006:


Saveliy Fedorov founded the company SINAPSE in Donetsk, a team of 5 people - mostly initiative employees of the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute. The main activity is the performance of electrical work, the construction of guaranteed power supply systems

1993- 1994

Development and installation of guaranteed power supply systems in the branches of Ukrsotsbank in the Donetsk region (based on uninterruptible power supply units ABP 16 and 100 kVA manufactured by Invertor, Orenburg)


Implementation of the most powerful guaranteed power supply system at that time in the National Bank of Ukraine (for guaranteed power supply of the NBU Clearing House, on UPS Powerware Plus 80kVA)


Deployment of a large project for the installation of uninterrupted power supply systems at UMC (Ukrainian mobile communications) transmitting stations. Installation of guaranteed email systems. supply at the facilities of FUIB (First Ukrainian International Bank)


Creation of a central office in Kyiv, branches in Donetsk, Lugansk and Odessa. Expansion of staff up to 100 people. Organization of design, service departments. Organization of own production of electrical products (elements of switchboard equipment).

1998- 1999

Establishment of a complex solutions department for the implementation of complex projects. Start of work on large-scale projects with large corporate customers (Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Defense, Main Directorate of Government Communications, General Staff, NBU, UMC)

2000- 2003

Entering the leading positions in the Ukrainian market. Implementation of a number of state-of-the-art innovative projects at that time, such as building a guaranteed power supply system for all branches of the National Bank of Ukraine, an electronic payment system, and a system of UMC transmission stations. The turnover of the SINAPSE group of companies exceeded 100 million hryvnias (18 million euros), the staff is more than 200 people.


SINAPSE receives the status of an authorized distributor and service partner from General Electric Jenbacher. A new line of business is being created - the construction of highly efficient gas-fired cogeneration power plants


As a general designer and general contractor, SINAPSE puts into operation the first stage of the world's largest cogeneration power plant on coal mine methane in Donetsk at the mine named after. A.F. Zasyadko. GE Jenbacher gas piston engines operate at extremely low concentrations of coal mine methane (from 25%), which was previously released into the atmosphere

For those who are interested in learning about the life path of the SINAPSE company firsthand, we recommend an interview with the Donbass-Invest newspaper by Savely Fedorov, CEO and owner of the company

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