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The procedure for concluding contracts for the implementation of design estimates for the facility.

After a preliminary acquaintance with a potential object, we decide with the Customer on the degree of involvement of our company in the work on this object. If the Project is only in its infancy, then the customer will be interested in how effective it is in his production conditions, and what costs he needs to incur. In this case, we can offer to perform a feasibility study (feasibility study) of the Project. For a more accurate calculation of capital costs, raw material supply, the cost of received energy resources: electricity, heat, cold, etc., or syngas (subject to the use of gasification technology, such as biomass or other organic raw materials), the Customer will need to fill out a questionnaire – “Questionnaires“.

Based on the results of the feasibility study, the cost of the main technological equipment, materials, design and other work to implement this Project will be specified. If the Customer decides to move towards the implementation of this facility, we can offer the execution of design estimates and the supply of cogeneration modules of the 2G Energy plant, as a representative of this manufacturer in Ukraine, and also, as an option, the main technological equipment for the Project.

The best option in terms of cost savings, timely commissioning of the facility and obtaining a high-quality technical solution for the Customer would be to entrust the implementation of the turnkey facility to professionals under the engineering contract scheme. The cost of the Project, the timing of execution and the necessary technical parameters of the Project can be protected in the terms of the contract. At the same time, it is recommended that the Customer hire a qualified manager for the duration of the Project to support the Project, control the execution and acceptance of work.

The cost of design work in the total estimate for the construction of a gas power plant is 3÷10%, depending on the complexity of the Project. Placement of container cogeneration modules, other block equipment on the site, or construction of technological complexes, machine rooms to accommodate open equipment.

The price of the project depends very much on the characteristics of a particular design object: a new or existing building, administrative and amenity premises, the need for communications (reconstruction of transformer and distribution substations, laying of cable and air routes, laying of gas pipelines and heating routes).

In order to form a binding commercial offer for the development and approval of project documentation, initial data are required, the list of which is indicated in the standard technical assignment for design – “see Initial data for design”.

The term for the implementation of design work is from 5 to 9 months, depending on the complexity of the project and the agreed terms. As a rule, design work begins simultaneously with the start of the entire project, and first of all, those sections are prepared, on which the supply of basic equipment, pouring of foundations, etc. depend. Thanks to this, we ensure that design work is not the critical process that determines the construction time of the power plant as a whole.

We carry out the entire range of works on the design of gas-fired power plants by our own design department, with high qualifications, thanks to the vast experience gained in the implementation of large energy facilities. (see the permits of the ChNPP “Synaps”). This allows you to perform all work efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

Design and estimate documentation is developed in accordance with DBN A.2.2-3-2004 “Composition, procedure for the development, approval and approval of design documentation for construction” (see Initial data for design.) and other rules and regulations in force on the territory of Ukraine. The above document describes in detail the composition and requirements for project documentation.

The list of projects carried out by the design department of the SINAPSE company is given in the section “see Archive of DKP projects of ChNPP “Synaps”. References with the use of GE Jenbacher cogeneration equipment are given in the section “see section References of cogeneration facilities»