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Our company strives to achieve leadership in each of its activities. The company’s efforts are focused on providing services and solutions that ensure the most efficient operation of the objects being implemented. As you know, it is important that all links in the chain have the same strength, and this is the key to its strength. That is why, following our strategy, using the accumulated vast experience in the implementation and operation of cogeneration facilities, we are trying to offer the most complete solution for the facility being implemented.

Unfortunately, our Ukrainian mentality in business has not yet matured to trust in the engineering method of implementing objects. Most of the Customers, in order to save on capital costs, try to independently manage all stages of the construction process, as a rule, having no experience in this area, dispersing the responsibility for the operation of the future facility to many cheaper contractors. As a result, these experiments lead to completely opposite results, not only in terms of capital costs and deadlines for the execution of work, but most importantly in the further efficiency of the facility. Of course, the Customer at the same time accumulates this experience in a new branch of management, which actually justifies these expenses for himself.

In the event that our Customer refuses from the engineering option for the implementation of his Project, we propose to limit ourselves to at least the supply of the main peripheral equipment, on which the reliability of the facility depends. Such equipment may include:

  • gas cleaning system, gas quality analyzers when using alternative gases;
  • low-voltage and high-voltage switchboard and transformer equipment;
  • frequency drives and other automation systems for production processes at a facility under construction.

The supply of peripheral equipment in the agreed range is carried out under separate supply contracts, which reflect all the conditions for the protection of the Customer in terms of the choice of equipment “price-quality”, the correct configuration, delivery time, warranty conditions during operation.

The list of projects carried out by the Directorate of Integrated Design, the Directorate of Cogeneration Equipment, and the Directorate for the Production of Works of PRPP “SINAPSE” is given in the section