Supply of 2G equipment

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The cost of the main (cogeneration) equipment is 45÷75% of the cost estimate for the construction of a cogeneration power plant, depending on the design of the modules (open or container). Therefore, the correct choice of the main equipment is the key to successful and cost-effective operation of the power plant in the future. Moreover, the operating experience of all our implemented projects has shown that the payback of the Project depends to a lesser extent on the cost of cogeneration equipment, and to a greater extent on the efficient operation of the power plant as a whole. Proper engineering design of the facility, selection of reliable equipment and qualified performance of work ultimately reduces operating costs and increases the amount of financial income from the sale of shipped energy.

The cost of a cogeneration module depends on many parameters: its electrical and thermal power, generator voltage (0.4 kV or 10 kV), design (in an all-weather container or on a frame for installation inside a building), the presence of an exhaust gas catalyst, emergency cooling towers, a complete set of network pumps , temperature controllers and many other options. Full information about the characteristics of the equipment and options for its configuration can be found in the “2G Energy Products” section.

To form a commercial offer for the supply of cogeneration equipment, we need to receive a completed questionnaire (it can be downloaded from here and sent to the e-mail address specified in the questionnaire).

The production time for a cogeneration module is 5-8 months, depending on the model of the cogeneration module and the workload of the manufacturer’s plant, from the moment the contract is signed and all technical details are agreed. The specific delivery time is indicated in the commercial offer. Delivery time of equipment by road from the plant to the Customer is 1÷2 weeks.

The default equipment warranty is at least: 8,000 working hours (either 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of delivery), unless special conditions are stipulated in the contract.

The list of projects completed by the Integrated Design Directorate, the Cogeneration Equipment Directorate, and the Works Production Directorate of PRPE “SINAPSE” is given here.