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Sale of electricity and heat


ChNPP “SINAPSE” is ready to offer the Customer an alternative option for the supply of electrical and thermal energy at lower prices. Cost savings for the purchase of electricity in the network can reach 10-15% of the existing level of payments, without any capital costs on the part of the Customer, or significantly higher than the existing level of payments, with co-financing of the Energy Center on the territory of the Customer.

We offer the following procedure for cooperation between the company of the SINAPSE group and the Customer’s enterprise:

  • The company fills out an extended questionnaire and sends it to us.
  • If we agree in principle to cooperation, we send a commercial offer indicating special (lower) tariffs for heat and electricity.
  • After the proposed tariffs are approved, a long-term (5÷10 years) contract for the supply of electricity and heat is developed, with approved annual volumes, peak and minimum loads. Special tariffs for electricity and heat are tied only to the price of fuel.
  • Before the start of design work and supply of equipment, the enterprise pays an amount of 15÷20% of the cost of equipment to the account of the SINAPSE company as a guarantee for the fulfillment of contractual obligations for the purchase of electrical and thermal energy. After 1 year of operation of the Energy Center, in the absence of violations in the procurement and payment schedule for the supplied heat and electricity, the deposit is returned.
  • After receiving the technical specifications, the SINAPSE company, at its own expense or in co-financing, builds and puts into operation a cogeneration power plant of the agreed capacity within 9-18 months. All operating costs (purchase of fuel, oil, spare parts, staff salaries) are borne by SINAPSE or a joint structure with the Customer.
  • Upon the expiration of the Contract for the supply of electricity and heat, it is possible to transfer the cogeneration power plant into the ownership of the enterprise. The full service life of 2G Energy cogeneration modules before decommissioning is more than 200,000 operating hours (more than 25 years).

A significant reduction in tariffs becomes possible due to the lower cost of electricity from the Energy Center built on the territory of the Customer. All intermediaries in the form of local power supply companies with outdated equipment and huge technological losses are excluded from the power supply chain; the enterprise ceases to subsidize the population with its preferential low tariff.

In addition, such a cooperation scheme has even greater potential to reduce the cost of electricity for the enterprise if it switches to work on a 3-zone tariff. During peak and semi-peak periods, the electricity supply will be carried out by the power plant of the SINAPSE company, and during the night power system failure, the company will be able to purchase electricity from the power system at a very low nightly rate (currently it is 50% of a one-rate tariff).

Presentation of the constructed and commissioned cogeneration projects are given here