Commissioning works

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Commissioning is the first step to successful operation

The entire scope of work on the adjustment of 2G Energy cogeneration power plants is carried out on a test bench, at the manufacturing plant in Heek, Germany. In the event that the gas piston engine is designed to operate on a special gas (biogas, mine, coke, ferroalloy, pyrolysis gas), during commissioning it will be tested and adjusted using a specially prepared gas corresponding to what is prescribed in the contract.

All this means that you are buying proven equipment that is guaranteed to provide the declared performance. In addition, this approach guarantees a minimum time for commissioning at the installation site.

Commissioning of a cogeneration power plant at the Customer’s site is always carried out by the most qualified technicians of the 2G Energy service team.
The commissioning process includes checking the entire installation, the first start, synchronization with the network, a full range of measurements and tests, test work for 48 hours and the transfer of equipment to the Customer.

In the process of commissioning and test work, the Customer’s personnel are trained in the skills of operating a cogeneration power plant.


  • 2G Energy service personnel put more than 500 engines into operation every year around the world.
  • All drawings, project documentation, results of commissioning tests of engines at the plant and at the facility, as well as their current settings for each facility with 2G Energy equipment are permanently stored in the Support Center.