Initial data for design

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Initial data for design

Primary initial data necessary for the selection of equipment and design of a cogeneration gas-piston power plant (CGPP):

  • Terms of reference for design (developed by the Customer together with the designer when concluding a design contract).
  • Data on land acquisition on the proposed construction site – new construction (existence of a contract for ownership or land lease).
  • Available topographic plans of the construction site and other survey materials. The choice of a construction site should be determined according to the conditions of geological surveys (including subsidence of soils), places of connection to electrical networks, gas networks, heating networks, etc.
  • The general plan of the enterprise on a scale of M 1:500.
  • Situational plan of the enterprise on a scale of M 1: 1000 (2000)
  • Available floor plans and sections of the reconstructed building in M 1:100 in electronic or paper form (in case of using existing buildings, structures).
  • Information about the existing structure: the state of the supporting structures of the building, schemes of engineering communications, etc. (in the case of using existing buildings, structures).
  • Existing electrical circuit diagram of power supply.
  • Heat supply schemes indicating central heating and heat supply sources.
  • Scheme of gas networks.
  • Fire extinguishing scheme.
  • Scheme of water supply and sewerage networks.
  • Indicated on the master plan are the indicative points for connecting the KHPP to electric, heat, gas, water and sewer networks.
  • Data on the need for geological and geodetic surveys at the site of the proposed construction.
  • Data on the types of fuel (gas) used and its composition.
  • Certificate from the Hydrometeorological Service on the wind rose, temperature and background concentrations of harmful substances at the construction site.
  • Technical conditions for connecting the enterprise to engineering communications (obtained by the Customer from local operating organizations in the prescribed manner).

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