Turnkey construction of cogeneration plants

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The world practice of building such power facilities has shown that the most effective, if not the only, way to protect the interests of the Customer is the construction of a power plant by signing the so-called EPC contracts (engineering, procurement, construction – engineering, supply, construction) or contracts for the construction of power plants “under key”.

Otherwise, the Customer will have to act as an arbitrator in very highly specialized areas among a dozen contractors, each of which will shift its responsibility to others. For example, a power plant does not reach the calculated indicators for electrical efficiency – this may be to blame:

  • 1) equipment manufacturer (manufacturing defect);
  • 2) design organization (incorrectly designed ventilation of the turbine hall, exhaust tract, etc.);
  • 3) The customer (who himself placed an order with the manufacturer, and the equipment turned out to be not adapted to the local temperature and air pressure, fuel gas composition and power quality);
  • 4) construction and installation organization (practice shows that in 99 out of 100 projects, deviations from the project occur at the construction stage);
  • 5) service organization (improper commissioning and routine maintenance);
  • 6) operating personnel (who, as a rule, did not receive special training). Things are even worse with respect to deadlines with this approach.

In Ukraine, the practice of concluding turnkey contracts is just beginning to be introduced, and this is due both to the lack of a sufficient number of reputable companies on the market that can be entrusted with such projects, and to the Customer’s desire to save money at each stage of construction by entrusting it to companies that offered the lowest price. for the project, supply of equipment, installation, construction. At the same time, I note that Ukrainian companies with experience in the construction of gas piston power plants can be counted on the fingers of one hand, while dozens participate in tenders. Without experience in the construction of such an object, it is impossible in principle to calculate its estimate and the period of work, as a result, the Customer will be forced to either increase the construction budget or put up with a loss in the quality of work, and only in 1% of cases the contractor will bear additional costs.

Our company has both the capabilities and experience in the construction of turnkey gas piston power plants entirely on its own; and can also take full responsibility for the construction time and performance of the power plant.

And these are not empty promises. They rely on:

  • partnership with the world leader in the energy sector, 2G Energy. As the official distributor and service partner of the 2G Energy plant for the production of gas reciprocating cogeneration power plants (from our point of view, the best on the market in terms of manufacturability and reliability), we know all the characteristics and features of this equipment in the smallest detail. We have 27 years of experience in building and operating thousands of 2G Energy cogeneration plants around the world, in all climates and applications.
    the presence of its own design department with 25 years of experience in the design of energy facilities. According to our data, our design department managed to create the highest “concentration” of highly specialized specialists in this industry in Ukraine.
  • own production department with extensive experience in the construction of cogeneration facilities.
  • own service department with experience in servicing diesel and gas-powered power plants since 1995; are staffed by certified specialists, have all the necessary set of tools and a warehouse of consumables.
  • and most importantly, this is our experience in the construction of turnkey power plants and our employees, for whom this work has become familiar.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to indicate the exact cost of construction and installation work, and even more so the cost of building a turnkey power plant, without a ready-made detailed design, it is not possible with sufficient accuracy. Although it is known from experience that the cost of building a turnkey gas piston power plant lies in the range of 800 ÷ 1,100 Euro / kW, depending on the complexity of the facility when operating on natural gas. In the case of other gases, the costs of gas purification are added to the cost, and in the absence of ready-made gas, also the costs of the technology of gasification of organic raw materials.

    In those projects that require strict responsibility for the timing and quality of work, as well as competitive prices, our services are in demand in the facilities