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Major overhaul - possible options

In 99% of cases, it is not possible to carry out a high-quality overhaul of high-power gas piston engines on site. This is due to the lack of specialized tools and machines, the need to attract a wide range of highly specialized personnel, and the lack of free space.

In addition, an excellent opportunity to improve the design of the engine and its individual elements is lost, which appears due to the emergence of new materials and technologies.

In this regard, 2G Energy offers 2 possible options for the overhaul of gas piston engines, which allow satisfying both the wishes of the Customer and the strict requirements of the manufacturer for the quality of the repair:

  • Overhaul of the engine in the workshop of the manufacturer 2G Energy; The owner receives his own repaired engine, improved to the current level of technology development. With an optimal ratio of cost and quality of the result, this option is characterized by a long downtime of the power plant.
  • Replacing the engine with the same new one or one that has already undergone a major overhaul at the manufacturer’s factory; This option is characterized by minimal cost and minimal plant downtime, but requires re-commissioning by 2G Energy personnel at the installation site.

In any case, all wear parts will be replaced and the assembled engine thoroughly tested on the manufacturer’s test bench.

During the overhaul in the workshop of the manufacturer, the following work is carried out:

  • crankcase: inspection, cleaning, if necessary boring holes for crankshaft bearings, cylinder liners, new camshaft bearings;
  • crankshaft: inspection, if possible, reuse grinding No. 1, No. 2;
  • vibration damper: new;
  • main bearings: new;
  • camshaft: new;
  • cylinder heads: new or remanufactured;
  • gas distribution mechanism: all new elements;
  • connecting rods: replacement, new liners;
  • pistons: new included;
  • sleeves: new with scraper rings;
  • gear train: new bearings, possibly new gears;
  • oil pump: overhaul;
  • cooling water pump: overhauled, new for some series;
  • oil heat exchanger/filter: overhaul, new filter;
  • exhaust manifold: new;
  • thermoelements: new;
  • exhaust manifold insulation: new;
  • ignition system: new tire, new coils, new spark plugs, new ignition unit;
  • gas mixer (carburetor): overhaul, for some series – new;
  • throttle valve, starter: – overhaul at the sub-supplier;
  • turbocharger: new;
  • painting, updating documentation, checking on a test bench.


The downtime of a power plant during a major overhaul at the 2G Energy manufacturing plant varies from 7 to 9 weeks for different series of machines. In case of replacing the engine with a rebuilt (or new) one, the downtime of the power plant will not exceed 2÷3 weeks.

overhauled engine comes with a factory warranty of 1 year or 8,000 operating hours.